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In his first year of midget Mitchell was part of the North Shore Mustangs, he and his teammates despite having a mediocre season battled hard and went all the way to the finals. 

Mitchell demonstrates great patience, focus and is able with great accuracy to hit the target even when there is a very tight window to make the pass. 

In 2011 the Mustangs had 3 quarterbacks and make a decision to release Mitchell, a decision that would come back to haunt them. 

Not only did Mitchell and his teammates the Saint Laurent Spartans make it all the way to the 2011 finals, Mitchell and his teammates eliminated the Mustangs in the first round of the playoffs in double overtime..... 

Good luck Mitchell !!

Dans sa première année d'midget Mitchell faisait partie des Mustangs de North Shore, lui et ses coéquipiers en dépit d'une saison médiocre lutté dur et place aux finales.

Mitchell preuve d'une grande patience, de concentration et est en mesure avec une grande précision pour toucher la cible, même quand il ya une fenêtre très serré pour faire passer le.

En 2011, les Mustangs avaient 3 quart-arrière et prendre une décision de libérer Mitchell, une décision qui reviendrait à les hanter.

Non seulement Mitchell et ses coéquipiers les Spartans de Saint Laurent font tout le chemin aux 2011 finales, Mitchell et ses coéquipiers éliminés les Mustangs dans le première ronde des séries éliminatoires en double prolongation...

Bonne chance Mitchell !!

As you will see in the video and I did have to slowdown many of the clips, his cuts and turns, his ability to read and vision the path needed to elude opponents, his body language that he uses to trick opponents of the path he is taking is simply breathtaking to watch...
Good Luck Quaysie I wish you all the best and it was a real joy to watch you play....
2012 QMFL Greenfield Packers #22 Quaysie Gordon Maule Video Highlights... One of the greatest punt returners that I have ever filmed....
Only one word can describe Quaysie's speed "tremendous"... Quaysie at top speed has the ability not only to cut, shuffle but can also pull a 360 and never miss a step or beat, your choice.... 
2012 Greenfield Packers # 22 Quaysie Gordon Maule Video Highlights 
Although I didn't get a chance to film many Lakeshore Cougars games, Mathew was a very exciting football player to watch and film....Great Athlete...
2012 Mathew Laporta Video Highlights 
Fédéric Lamoureux one of the best wide receivers and one of the best quarter-back, it was a joy to film and to watch him play.

He has great running abilities, great hands that made spectacular receiving plays, and one of the best QB arms that I've seen.

The term "complete package" is the definition of Fédéric Lamoureux. 
Good luck Frédéric!!​
2010-2011 Wildcats # 11 Frédéric Lamoureux Faits Saillants-Video Highlights
Fédéric Lamoureux l'un des meilleurs receveurs de passes et l'un des meilleurs quart-arrière, c'était une joie de filmer et de le regarder jouer.

Il a de grandes capacités en cours d'exécution, les mains qui ont fait de grands jeux spectaculaires de réception, et l'un des meilleurs bras QB que j'ai vu.

Le terme «ensemble complet» est la définition de Fédéric Lamoureux.
Bonne chance Frédéric!!